Essentially, a GO MINI is a high quality durable storage unit on wheels. However, a GO MINI is unique because it is delivered to you, instead of you taking valuable time traveling back and forth to a storage facility. This saves you time as well as the additional liability and expense of renting a truck.

No, it is not a requirement. We will place the container in your predetermined location at your home or office. Prior to delivery, we must have a signed rental agreement, however, we can fax or email all required paperwork to you for your signature(s) prior to your scheduled delivery date.

Ideally, the further out you can reserve a GO MINI, the better. However, we are locally owned and operated giving us maximum flexibility to respond on shorter notice.

This is a difficult question to answer and is dependent on the density of your room furnishings. However, use the guidelines below to help you determine how much can fit in each size GO MINI.

We offer a wide selection of supplies for rent or purchase. Ask about boxes, packing materials, locks, dollies, tie-downs/straps, and even professional quality quilted furniture pads/blankets. Let us know what you will need when you reserve your MINI, and we will deliver your supplies with your GO MINI.

Yes, you will need a lock to keep your belongings secure. We do not access your container at any time and security of the container and its belongings are your responsibility. GO MINI’S has locks available for sale or you may purchase your own lock. If you would like to buy a lock from us, please inform your GO MINI’S representative.

Items may shift during loading or transport if they are not properly secured. There are rails at two levels across the walls and back of the GO MINI which can be used to secure your items at several points during loading.

Some homeowners associations and local ordinances limit the amount of time a GO MINI can be kept at your site. To be sure, contact your homeowners association and/or local code enforcement agency. Even in cases where limitations exist, allowances are generally made for you to accomplish your move with a GO MINI just like with any other mode for moving.

If you cannot or do not wish to keep the GO MINI container on your own site, we can store it for you safely and securely in the the Go Mini’s Warehouse.

Access to the contents of your GO MINI is available while it is being stored. However, you must schedule a time to access your GO MINI during our normal business hours, MON – FRI, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. EST. There is no charge for this service.

Yes. Please call us as soon as you recognize the need and we’ll schedule a delivery right away. We are locally owned and operated, giving us maximum flexibility to respond to your needs quickly.

Yes. The GO MINI is constructed of weatherproof materials designed for exterior use in extreme climates, both hot and cold.

The storage of any perishable or hazardous materials is STRICTLY prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: animals, live plants, motor vehicles, engines, fuels/oils, paints/varnishes, insecticides, liquid bleach, paint thinners, aerosol cans, cleaning chemicals, propane tanks (empty or full), matches/candles, firearms/ammunition, food in glass jars, pressurized tanks, lighters, firewood, fire extinguishers and other hazardous or illegal materials.

Go Mini’s Atlanta requires that payment be made by credit or debit card and that all customers sign our Rental Agreement prior to delivery of the Mini. A copy of our Rental Agreement can be viewed HERE.

We provide full service to all areas within a 50 mile radius of Metro Atlanta, GA. It is also possible that you are located in an area that can be serviced by another GO MINI’S dealer or we will provide service with an extra mileage fee. Contact us for additional information if you are located outside of our immediate service areas.