Benefits of using mobile storage units over self storage

Are you looking for additional storage space for your home or business? If so, you’ve likely investigated several options which may have included mobile storage containers and public storage units. At Go Minis, we’d like to explain why mobile storage containers may be a better option for you.

Why Choose Mobile Storage Containers Instead of Public Storage Units?

The following are just a few reasons why our customers continue to choose mobile storage containers instead of public storage units.

  • Load and Unload on Your Schedule – If you’re moving items from your home or business, you want to be able to load a storage unit on your own time. This is why mobile storage containers are ideal. You can simply load the storage containers at your leisure and not have to worry about driving to a portable storage unit whenever you need something.
  • Highly Versatile – Mobile storage containers can be used for all different types of storage. A few uses could include document storage, storage during a home renovation, event storage, on site equipment storage, seasonal storage and much more.
  • Economical – With mobile storage containers you completely control the cost. Only need a container for a short time, no problem! Need a storage container for an extended period of time? We can help! At Go Minis we offer a variety of portable storage rental options and would be happy to work with you based on your unique needs.

Ready to Rent a Mobile Storage Container? Give Go Minis a Call Today!

If you’re interested in learning more about mobile storage containers and how they’re often superior when compared to public storage units. We offer mobile storage containers in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. We’ll be happy to help you choose the ideal storage container that meets your needs.