Top Reasons Portable Storage Containers Make Moving Easier

How many times have you moved by loading everything you’ve owned in the back of your friend or family member’s pickup truck? We’ve all done this, but there is a better way thanks to portable storage containers from Go Minis. Gone are the days where you had to hire an expensive moving company or recruit friends and family as well as their vehicles to move to a new home or business.

With Go Mini’s portable storage containers you can have a container delivered to your home or office and load it at your leisure. When it’s ready to be moved, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll move it to your new location wherever it may be. That’s literally it! This option is so much easier than trying to recruit friends and family to help you move!

Additional Reasons Why Portable Storage Containers Make Moving a Breeze

  • Safety First – With a portable storage container, the moving container is literally dropped off at your location. This way you can keep your eyes on it at all times and you can always lock and unlock the container when you’re loading and unloading.
  • Cost Effective – Moving companies charge quite a bit of money to manage and facilitate a move of any size. Portable moving containers from Go Minis allow you to keep costs down by simply doing your own loading and unloading and letting us do the heavy “lifting” of transporting your container(s) to your new location. Keep your containers for days, week or even months depending on your portable storage needs.

To learn more about renting portable storage containers from Go Minis get a quote online. One of our portable storage experts will be happy to walk you through all of our different storage and delivery options to help you understand what’s necessary based on your moving needs.